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Time Recording creates added value

Thanks to the fully integrated Time Recording, our customers reported an average of:

Abacus - 70 % - Fewer duplicate entriesAbacus - 60 % - Fewer administrative expenses Abacus - 50 % - Fewer data entry errors


The cloud-based time recording system for small businesses

AbaTime is designed to meet the needs of small businesses. It can be implemented quickly, easily and without pre-investment, and complies with governmental requirements regarding company working time control.
Take the first step into the world of Abacus time recording with AbaTime. The solution can be expanded at any time.

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Abacus Time Recording users are enthusiastic about the platform

Listen to exciting stories in the following videos or read interesting facts in the detailed success stories.

Play Learn how the company Laserfactory uses the Abacus time recording.Play

Learn how the company Laserfactory uses the Abacus time recording.

Play Learn how the company Laserfactory uses the Abacus time recording.Play

Learn how the company Laserfactory uses the Abacus time recording.

Find out in the following video clip ​how the LASER FACTORY GmbH from Widnau benefits from Abacus Time Recording and which advantages have resulted…

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What's behind the Abacus Time Recording?

The Abacus Time Recording system is designed so that it can be adapted to your specific needs. Different input devices are available, all of which are networked with each other. This combination offers high flexibility and guarantees legally compliant time recording independent of location. The use of the personnel planning system further massively reduces time expenditure for all parties.

Choose how you want to work. The following devices are available.

Smartphone App


Record working hours, absences, services, illness, holidays, expenses or query the balance of hours and holidays - anywhere, anytime on your smartphone.

Badge System


Multiple terminals can be linked together so that employees at different locations can record their working hours.

Web-based employee portal


An Internet connection is all you need to manage your and your employees' data on the portal. Choose to use a tablet, laptop or desktop.

Bluetooth sender


If employees are within a defined radius of a Bluetooth transmitter (beacon) with their smartphone, their working time can be recorded via the smartphone. Additional functions can be defined for each beacon as required.

Personnel planning


Organize your personnel planning more efficiently. With AbaPlan, work assignments or working hours are simply assigned to employees with «Drag & Drop». Labour law/L-GAV - Validations are carried out automatically.

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